Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Our expert employment law solicitors in Staines were recently approached by a lady who wanted our help in relation to a disability discrimination case.

Our client was employed as an office administrator near Staines. She started work and three months later found a lump. She underwent investigation and was told that the lump was suspicious. She notified her employer. The lump turned out to be cancerous and she informed her employer of that. A few weeks later our client took time off for treatment. She received a telephone call from her employer. She was told that her employment was “not working out” and she was dismissed.

Our client appealed against her dismissal and her appeal was unsuccessful.

Cancer is a disability within the meaning of Section 6 of the Equality Act. We issued proceedings against the employer, claiming that our client had been discriminated against because of her disability and because the real reason she had been dismissed was that she had cancer.

The employer defended the claim; they tried to argue that our client had been underperforming. They could not provide evidence to show that there were real performance concerns.

Just before that final hearing the Staines company made an offer to pay compensation, which our client accepted.

This was a great result for our client and our team of employment solicitors in Staines.

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