Maternity Discrimination Case

Maternity Discrimination Case – Reading

Our Reading office was recently contacted with an enquiry for a case concerning to maternity discrimination.

Our client worked for a travel agency in Reading. She was successful in her role and was frequently the best salesperson according to monthly ratings. After around 7 months in the role our client learned that she was pregnant. She notified her employer and within a few weeks was dismissed on the grounds that she was under performing. Our client did not accept that decision and appealed against her dismissal, which was unsuccessful.

Our employment law solicitors issued proceedings against the employer. We claimed that the true reason for the dismissal was our client’s pregnancy and that she had been discriminated against because she was pregnant. The employer simply did not want to continue to employ her once they had discovered that she was pregnant. The employer defended the claim but could not prove that there were any real performance concerns. Just before the final hearing the employer made an offer to pay damages to our client. She accepted and the case was settled.

This was a great result for our client and our employment solicitors in Reading.


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