Losing a loved one during the Pandemic

Losing a loved one from Covid-19 or other any other cause is difficult for anybody at any time and the Pandemic can make managing someone’s affairs after death unbearable.

It is important to remember that during difficult times there is support available, whether it be through family, friends, bereavement services or solicitors who can help with making end of life affairs manageable; below are some useful starting points.

  1. Registering a death

You will firstly need the medical certificate; this is completed by a doctor involved in the deceased’s care. While you may not be able to leave your home in the current circumstances a medical certificate can now be emailed to you or sent directly to the registry office.

You can then have a telephone appointment with your local registry office to register the death and obtain death certificates. A death certificate is a copy of the entry made in the death register; it is a legal requirement and will allow you to arrange the funeral and deal with someone’s estate.

  1. Funerals

While you may not be able to give your loved one the funeral you would like the Government recognise the needs of the bereaved to mourn. The current rules are that 30 people can attend a funeral whether this be inside or outside; whilst maintaining social distancing.

  1. The Estate of the deceased.

The estate will include any money, property or personal possessions. A solicitor can deal with the formalities on your behalf which includes communications for assets, liabilities, tax, obtaining probate, distributing the estate etc.

At Rowberry Morris, we understand losing a loved one is an emotional time and dealing with an estate can be a complex process. We are happy to guide you through this process to help make this time more manageable.

Please contact a member of our Private Client Department who will be happy to assist you.