How to Choose the Right Conveyancing Professional

Whether you’re just stepping onto the property ladder or selling up and moving to a new home, the services of a good conveyancing professional can be invaluable. It’s no secret that the conveyancing process (that is, the transfer of property ownership) can be complex and stressful. Having a conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer on hand to ensure that everything is processed correctly, means less hassle and greater peace of mind.

What does a conveyancer do?

A conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer carries out all the necessary tasks to legally transfer property from one party to another. This includes:

  • Local Authority checks and other property searches
  • Liaising with the other party’s conveyancer
  • Registration of the property
  • Bank transfers
  • Fraud checks
  • Payment of stamp duty
  • Exchange of contracts

What’s the difference between a conveyancing solicitor and a licensed conveyancer?

This can be quite confusing if you’re new to the property market. Both conveyancing solicitors and licensed conveyancers can carry out the property transfer process. The main difference lies in the range of services they are able to provide.

Essentially, a licensed conveyancer is a property specialist who is qualified to carry out the conveyancing process. They are regulated by the Council of Licensed Conveyers (CLC). As such, a licensed conveyancer is an expert in the transfer of property but not usually in other areas of law.

A solicitor is a legal professional who is qualified to advise on a range of legal matters. However, many solicitors specialise in a particular area of law – such as property and conveyancing. The benefit of using a solicitor is that they better placed to deal with any complex property transactions or unforeseen legal hiccups and can advise you in related matters, such as tax.

It’s up to you whether a conveyancing solicitor or a licensed conveyancer would be the best fit. When it comes to making a choice, it’s all about taking each professional’s experience, expertise and reputation into consideration.

What should I look for when choosing a conveyancing expert?

Buying a home is often the biggest transaction we will make in our lives, so it’s very important to choose a competent conveyancing professional for the job. You need to be assured that whoever you instruct has the necessary skills and attributes to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Some helpful questions to consider are:

Do they have the right expertise? Beyond ensuring that the person is regulated and qualified, you need to look at whether they have the capability to take on your specific property issues. For example, if it involves a rather complex or commercial property transaction, it’s best to look for someone with experience in that particular area.

Do they have a good reputation? Check independent reviews, ask around locally and talk to the professionals you are considering. You need to be sure that the person you instruct is reputable and has a proven track record in getting the job done well.

Will you be dealing with one person? The last thing you need is to be passed around to other people who don’t know the specifics of your transaction. Make sure that you will have direct contact with the relevant conveyancers.

Do they communicate well? Good communication is essential. Speak to any prospective conveyancers to see if they are easy to talk to and clear in the way they communicate. You need to be sure you have someone who will keep you in the loop, be happy to answer questions and explain what’s going on in an understandable way.

Are they upfront about the fees they charge? No one wants a nasty surprise when it comes to costs. A good conveyancer will give you a detailed quote that sets out all likely charges. It’s a good idea to get a range of quotes. While you don’t want to pay more than you need to, be aware that when it comes to conveyancing, you often get what you pay for. The cheapest quote may not always be the most sensible option.

Do they pay referral fees to estate agents? Some solicitors will pay estate agents for referrals (we do not). To ensure that you will receive the best quality services, it’s helpful to look beyond paid referrals and check more independent sources of recommendation.

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