Residential conveyancing Pricing

We have set out below our guide to the potential costs involved with sales and purchases of residential freehold and leasehold property, and remortgages.  These are designed to give an accurate guide, as far as possible, but each transaction is different, so they are indicative only.

We encourage you to call us, so we can discuss your individual residential conveyancing circumstances and needs, and provide you with a bespoke free written estimate.

The property lawyers in all of our offices are qualified and experienced (which is actually very important, given you are dealing with a high value asset). We aim to provide a high level of service so do not wish to be judged only on price.  We aim to provide good value. Please read a summary of important differences between us and many conveyancers.

Our fees usually range between:

For freehold sales VAT
£995 - £1,400 for prices up to £500,000£199 - £280
£1,000 - £2,500 for prices between £500,000 to £1,000,000£200 - £500
For freehold purchases VAT
£1,095 - £1,500 for prices up to £500,000£219 - £300
£1,100 - £2,600 for prices between £500,000 and £1,000,000£220 - £520
For leasehold sales VAT
£1,300 - £1,550 for prices up to £250,000£260 - £310
£1,300 - £1,800 for prices between £250,000 to £500,000£260 - £360
For leasehold purchases VAT
£1,400 - £1,650 for prices up to £250,000£280 - £330
£1,400 - £1,900 for prices between £250,000 and £500,000£280 - £380
For transfer of equity and re-mortgages VAT
£1,100 - £1,500£220 - £300

Charges are based on the value and location of the property involved, and anticipated time involved to complete an average transaction.

There are other expenses (“disbursements”) in addition to the above charges that we will need to pay on your behalf as part of the conveyancing process, which include (but are not limited to) Land Registry fees, notice fees, freeholder information packs (for leasehold properties), search fees, ID verification, money transfer charges and Stamp Duty Land Tax. For estimated totals of these additional costs please call us or click on the links below for examples:-

Stamp Duty Land Tax is a complicated tax and how much is payable will depend not only on the price of the property you are buying, but your circumstances.  Accordingly, we have included a link in the above costs examples to the HMRC website so you can assess the amount of duty.  However, we are quite happy to discuss your situation with you and provide a free written estimate to include our assessment of the Stamp Duty Land Tax (and other disbursements).

The fees and costs set out above, and in the examples, are standard typical costs incurred for all of the work involved in a normal transaction, including acting for any mortgage lender who instructs us (where others often charge extra). We are on the panels of the great majority of lenders. There are sometimes circumstances which may increase costs, and some examples of these are:-

  • A significant defect in the title of the property.
  • A property which has more than one registered title, or which is unregistered.
  • A freehold property subject to a rent charge/ with a management company.
  • Arranging legal indemnity insurance (if needed).
  • Preparing Statutory Declaration(s) and Deeds of Covenant.
  • Sales or purchases subject to an existing tenancy.
  • Purchase in the name of a limited company.

The fees quoted do not include new build properties (purchases from builders/developers), Help To Buy, Shared Ownership, or some retirement properties, where fees will depend upon the particular property – please call us for an estimate.

We reserve the right to charge an administration fee per transaction and where this is appropriate, it will be shown on your written estimate.

Where two or more people buy a property jointly, our standard fee includes the provision of a joint ownership form for completion, and discussing with you the very important matter of your joint ownership. Sometimes, a more detailed joint owners agreement (called a “Declaration of Trust”) may be recommended, which is not covered by our standard fee.

Profiles and experience of all our property lawyers appear in our “People” tab, and upon providing a written estimate to you, we will advise which lawyer would deal with your transaction. You would then deal with that person and his/her assistant throughout the transaction.

A list of the members of the conveyancing team can be found below:

If you would like to call to arrange a written estimate or for a free, no obligation discussion in respect of a proposed transaction, please get in touch.