Debt Recovery Pricing

The costs outlined below relate to uncontested debt recovery claims.

If the claim is disputed, work will be carried out at the applicable hourly rate of the lawyer involved in your case. In such circumstances we would discuss the case with you, the likely work that will be required, and the likely cost. Unfortunately, in contested matters it is not always possible to accurately predict what the cost will be. If the matter does become a contested, it may be that costs are higher or lower depending on the requirements of the case. We will discuss this with you if the matter does become contested.

Our fee includes the following matters:

  • taking your instructions;
  • review of documentation;
  • preparation of a letter before action;
  • dealing with any initial response;
  • preparation of a claim;
  • applying to court to enter judgment if no response is received.

The costs below do not include the cost of enforcement of a judgement or the cost of any necessary attendance at court. Usually where a debt is not contested, court attendance is unnecessary. If a hearing is needed for any purpose we will discuss with you the cost of attendance in advance.

Value of claim Court fee Our fee (including VAT) Total
Up to £5,000£35 - £205 depending on value£480£515 - 685
Greater than £5,000 but not more than £10,000£455£960£1,415
Greater than £10,000 but not more than £200,000.005% of the value of the claim£2,000 or 7.5% of the value of the claim (plus VAT)Price to be confirmed on confirmation of debt value

The members of the Debt Recovery team are Liam Connolly whose hourly rate is £250 plus VAT and Francesca Neil whose hourly rate is £210 plus VAT. Francesca Neil is supervised by Liam Connolly and Liam Connolly is supervised by Anna Illingworth. The Administration Team have an hourly rate of £125 plus VAT.

For further information contact Liam Connolly (