At Rowberry Morris we appreciate that very few people will have money set aside in order to meet the legal fees incurred in a divorce or separation.  With the legal aid budget being slashed by the government it can then be almost impossible for most hard-working families to afford to deal with the necessary issues arising on a marriage or relationship breakdown.

Traditionally lawyers charge by the hour with hourly rates varying from £175 to £500 per hour plus VAT.  AT Rowberry Morris we recognise that the idea of such charges can be a frightening prospect and unaffordable for many.  We therefore aim to offer flexibility with our charging structure with the following options:

  • Fixed fees
  • Pay as you go
  • Reduced hourly rates

We will also act for clients who have the benefit of a litigation loan.

The above options are subject to specific conditions being met and subsequent partnership approval.

What our customers say

great support

“Peter Reynolds was an excellent communicator and advised me at each stage of the process. I would highly recommend Peter to represent in family matters. When we attended court, he was a great support and really understood the situation and achieved the outcome we aimed for on the day.”