Collaborative Law

At Rowberry Morris we are dedicated to providing a full range of ways of finding solutions for our valued clients. 
Collaborative law is a holistic process whereby both parties to a relationship breakdown are assisted by specially trained lawyers, to explore a way of settlement which is best for the entire family; not just the separating parties.

It is a different approach towards dividing your assets and most of the work is done in “4 Way” meetings; that is, meetings where both clients and lawyers are present and actively involved in the discussions.

There is a true commitment by all of the parties involved to explore matters creatively as there is a commitment from the couple that they will proceed in this process without the threat of legal action (i.e. a formal application to the Court being made). If this does occur, then the solicitors involved with the collaborative process are not allowed to act for either of the parties in the court proceedings.

Both of our collaborative lawyers are Resolution trained and will help you take charge of the process and guide you through the 4 way meetings – working towards finding an agreement beneficial to your entire family.

For more information, download our collaborative law leaflet or our collaborative law guide.

What our customers say

great support

“Peter Reynolds was an excellent communicator and advised me at each stage of the process. I would highly recommend Peter to represent in family matters. When we attended court, he was a great support and really understood the situation and achieved the outcome we aimed for on the day.”