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Although it is not something many people like to think about, the only way in which you can ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death, is to make a Will.

Making a Will is particularly important if you have a child or an elderly or disabled relative; you may wish to make a specific gift to a friend or charity. You may consider your wishes to be simple, but if they are not correctly set out, professionally drafted and signed in accordance with legal requirements, those simple wishes may not take effect.

Equally, if you do not have a valid Will, you are deemed to have died “intestate” and this again, could lead to your estate not being distributed as you would like.  Even if you are married or in a civil partnership your partner may not necessarily inherit all of your estate if you have children or other relatives.  An unmarried partner or a step-child would not be included as a beneficiary.

Perhaps you already have a Will and, if so, have your circumstances changed since you signed it?  Has your relationship changed, have you had more children or moved home – all of these events should prompt you to review your Will.

For peace of mind, our experienced lawyers will take into consideration your financial and personal circumstances to ensure that those you choose to benefit from your Will, do so. Our highly qualified experts will run through all of the necessary documents sensitively and clearly and all of our lawyers follow the Society of Trusts & Estate Practitioners Code for Will preparation.

For more information please visit the STEP code for Will preparation in England and Wales page.

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very good value

“My father’s estate proved far too complex to deal with at a time when other matters had priority.  It was a relief to hand it all over to Mrs Greenwood who took it over and processed everything that was necessary without any fuss or bother.  I also felt that it was very good value for the amount of work that was involved”

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